Door framing roll forming machine is designed to make the metal door frame in large quantity. Because door frames are with different shapes, it is much difficult than normal profiles U track, C stud, L angle and other channel profiles.Even more, there are many holes on the profile, the locking holes, the connecting holes, and the 45 degree connecting punching system and so on.

Normally Metal Door Framing Machine Designing Solution is like this: Re-coiler,Straigntener,Feeder, 6 punching, Roll Forming, Cutting to length, Receiving. But in this way, more and more problem come out, not all the door frame roll forming machine can be deisigned like this. Some door frame profiles are different shapes on left sides and right sides, Because the shape of both right sides and left side of door frame is different.

And rollers designing are different, So speed radio is different. left side speed ratio is different from right speed ratio. They need to be same. But actually the rollers both sizes are different .

By changing the gap of the up and down rollers, try to balance its pressure according to both sides different conditions. Adjust the gap between the up and down rollers. Put pressure on the vertical and horizontal stations let them loose to see how the sheet passes

But the best solution for making the door framing roll forming machine is first cut to length, punching, Then a piece rolle formed, then another piece…..

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