Rolling shutter door machine two profile by one machine

Rolling shutter door machine two profile by one machine

Rolling shutter door machine two profile by one machine is designed to make two profiles by one machine. Zhongtuo rolling shutter door machines have the following types: Perforated Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine, window and shutter rolling machine, Shutter Patti Machine, Australian Rolling shutters Machine, Aluminum window sill roll forming machine and other types. No matter which types, we can try to design two profiles by one machine, if the production rate you require is not high. Here we will take a random drawing to show you, how double profile is made by one machine:

Rolling shutter door machine two profile by one machine:

Here are more parameters of the machine for your reference:

Packing list for shutter door roll forming machine
Part 1 1.5T decoiler set 2 Manual
Part 2 Roll forming system set 1 Gear Box transmission
Part 3 PLC control station set 1
Part 4 Hydraulic system set 1 YUKEN STANDARD
Part 5 Product collect table set 1 Pneumatic /3m length
Rolling shaft Shaft material: 45# steel with quenched treatment, precision machined
Shaft diameter: 50 mm
Roller Roller material: Cr12 Mov with quenched treatment
Shaft diameter 60MM
Machine structure Steel plate welded structure, arch frame thickness 35 mm
Size adjustment Adjust the spacers manually
Rolling station 14 stations
Forming speed 0-30 m/min
Machine frame Vertical arch frame structure
Machine body steel plate welded with grinding
Bearing Chinese famous brand Harbin
Work power 5.5 kw
Transmission By chain


More details of Zhongtuo rolling shutter door machine two profiles in One:

  1. All the rollers we use the GCR12 material, hardness is enough for long time to use. Meanwhile carefully processing to make sure the surface of the rollers are smoothly.
  2. It allows to make many types embossing pattern, simple by adjusting the embossing rollers.
  3. With the flying tracking cutting saw to make sure the speed can reach 35 meter per minute.
  4. High quality hydraulic seals and valves to make sure shearing powerful and long time to use.

Check the profiles made by Zhongtuo rolling shutter door machine:

  1. The rollers can protect the surface of the coil well. We can make sure the surface smoothly.
  2. Good and easy for installation. The two pieces parts could be smoothly connected, and we can make sure you use it well.
  3. Either for the embossing or without, those profiles could be made.

Here is the machine working video for your reference:

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