Window Frame Making Machine

Window Frame Making Machine

This machine is used to make various frames. Our machine is for manufacture of steel window frame, steel door frame, bronze window frame, bronze door frame, fire rated window/door frame and so on.
Window frame drawing profiles

Finished products

Features and Advantages of Window Frame Making Machine

  1. Ground pit over ground accumulating unit, non-stop hole punching unit, and flying tracking cutting and automatic stacking devices are available for the choice to improve production speed greatly.
  2. Cassette type platform quick-change Machine base for multi-profile purposes is available for choice.
  3. With fully automatic non-stop standard configurations, the Max production speed can reach 30m/min
  4. Certified with Multi-Patents; CE Certified, EUROPEAN quality standard
  5. Most of hot & popular profiles models, we have ready machines in stock for prompt delivery.

Window Frame Making Machine Working Flow

Decoiler→ Leveling device→ Ground pit/ over ground accumulating unit (optional)→ Servo feeding device→ Hole punching device→ Ground pit over ground accumulating unit(optional) Guiding unit→Roll Forming System Post-Cutting to length(flying cutting,tracking cutting and stop to cut are available for choice)→ Output Manual Supporter/Auto Stacker(optional)

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Production line Components and Parameters

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